“How to stay focused?” this might be the question every individual gets whenever they are in a situation where they are not able to perform well in their sphere. The most disruptive thing we have encountered after the rise of technology is the growing interest in technology and digital, more specifically the distraction caused by social media sites. In the quest to stay focused in this distracted world of the internet, first, we need to find why we are not able to focus so that we can clearly lay out the points we really need to focus on.

Why are you not able to focus?:

I will point out the most important concern of all as there can be many. First of all, let’s introspect the fact, how much time do we spend on the internet? (time spent on email checks, social media, web surfing, etc.) It’s a little intimidating to know that people spend more than 3 hrs on the internet a day and on average 2.5 hrs a day on social media itself.

Secondly, let’s see the measly implications it brings to our life. Spending a lot of time on social media is a major cause of why we are not able to stay focused. How? On social media sites, we interact with a lot of texts, images, videos, infographics, etc. The preceding statement might seem a little ambiguous, but here is an explicit answer to that.

As we rush our attention from texts to images then to videos, it’s a little hard for the brain to process it, but it’s subtle, and we humans are used to it. But here’s something more, as we rush our brain, it’s not only just texts and images but we are rushing our emotions with them. On these sites, there is no filter to see only sad posts or happy posts. As we scroll through the site, we subtly tend to shift our focus over the posts that we see, and that’s where we are losing our intrinsic ability to stay focused.

How can you focus?

Now that we know why we are not able to focus, we are in a state to know how to overcome this addiction. In this technologically advancing world, we cannot directly isolate ourselves from the internet, but we can lay out some rules for ourselves to regain and restructure our ability to focus and stay concentrated. I will try to write it down in the form of bullet points and as concise as possible.

  1. Prioritize the things which need your attention urgently and prioritize their urgency. The most important things being first and least being last.
  2. Then, schedule them throughout your day.
  3. Try to keep the things related to the internet in a specific slot. Don’t spread little chunks of internetwork all over your schedule.
  4. As you want to focus on a specific work, keep it’s slot having the most importance and as we start to build the focus, increase the time you spend on the work gradually, a sudden increase might cause stress which will be deterrent.
  5.   Schedule every minute of your day. There might be any sudden calls that will break your schedule. But, modifying the schedule and adapting is the key.
  6. Use a calendar and mark each day you do all the above steps and try not to miss any day!

If you follow the above-given points with diligence, within a week you will start to realize that it takes real hard work to follow the above rules. In this state, you need to have a lot of perseverance to build the habit of staying focused. And you will notice that you produce more out of your time, and hence there will be a great feeling of contentment!

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