As we talk about the rise of the planet of AI, let’s first talk about why AI was created, how are we using it now and what will be the future repercussions as AI develops.


AI was created for the sole purpose of automation. How people can do work most effectively and efficiently. But, that was just speculation made. Now as we see AI has set a certain benchmark for the change of automation. Not only mechanical work it also is overhauling the already automated stuff. For example, let’s take Bayou, as we write code to build software and to automate the work in an industry for data registry, etc. Bayou is a platform that can write code by itself based on the given constraints. 

Automation is the reason why AI was built.


The ability to think like a human is a major factor that makes humans “HUMAN”. 

But on the contrary, AI only works on pattern recognition. Elon Musk in his company OpenAI is working on a project which predicts the impending movement of a pig. But, if we scrutinize that we can come to a conclusion where anybody can say that the chip which is implanted in the pig can just observe an activity, save that data, and then retrieve that data and cross-check if it matches with the one which is happening at the instance, if it does, then we say that the same activity is going to happen. As we see there’s a lot of data to be saved in the process. And if we assess, that chip is only redeeming the neurological activities already performed!

So, here we see that AI is just retrieving data and using it to assess patterns to predict the followups.


From the information we saw earlier we can say that it’s completely irrational to think and say that AI will take over humans. We humans have been intrinsically entrenched with the ability to think and create.  

All the process that involves how our brain cells work, how we create new ideas is still unknown at a neurological level. We humans can think but devices with AI cannot, they just understand what’s already said. AI lacks the ability to create and think on its own. So, as of now, we can say that AI can’t create it can copy. And this makes the future of AI limited in itself.

Talking of jobs.
jobs due to AI

Putting in a straightforward way, I think as AI will automate our work, people will lose their jobs. But the contrary is that it will also create new jobs.

Take for example, in the era before trains. People used horses and other animals to commute their logistics. But as trains were invented new jobs were created like a trained pilot, train mechanic, etc.

So, as we see, as old jobs are taken, new jobs are created.


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