In the era we live in, we are surrounded by digital technology, for example,  our mobile devices, laptops, computers, etc. These devices have become a major part of our lives now. If you need any information just grab one of those and google them! It’s that easy! But there must be that one person in your acquaintances who’s fond of reading books, who loves books whether it be fiction or non-fiction. And you might have noticed that he/she is really “concentrated” no matter what work he/she does. Now, how’s that even possible? How can one be so focused? Well, let me tell you that it is because he practices being focused by reading books. How can one stay focused by reading books? And many of your teachers or your parents must have told you that to stay focused, the simplest way is to read the books you like or meditate.

Why read books? Why reading books is important? 

I will try to answer this question from my own experiences and format them in a way you can understand easily.

It increases focus:

As one reads books he/she tries to understand what the author is trying to convey through every word, sentence, paragraph, or page. And for understanding thoughts through text one needs to focus. If you practice reading books you can gradually increase your focus in this way. At first, you will find yourself either reading just the words and not understanding anything but as time passes and you do it consistently you will develop a habit of reading books and understanding them right away. And eventually, without even noticing you will discern your focus develop. One of the reasons why reading books is important.

“In this world of short attention spans let’s be focused.”

It increases your vocabulary:

It will be a lie if one says that he/she understood every single word written in the book. According to a study a normal person knows about 15000 words. 

Here’s the reason why building vocabulary is necessary: It helps you to describe the situation properly with exact words, and of course you can show off in front of your colleagues and friends.

It accrues our knowledge and creativity:

If you surround yourself with people who read books you will start to notice that they know a little or a lot more than you. The reason? They read. Reading dissertations or stories or autobiographies, any of these will make sure that you don’t feel left out or inferior around the people of importance, and of course, making you one of them. And when you have enough knowledge don’t be dubious to divvy.

It helps us to become a better person:

Reading productivity books, autobiographies, personality development will eventually help with those new year resolutions you made or every night you complain yourself about your unproductive day, one of the reasons why reading books is important.

To be honest, you develop a different perspective on life. I mean, I did!


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